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March 16, 2032

It was a normal Saturday in the lives of the Classic Trio. David Kirkland, the son of Arthur Kirkland and Lili Kirkland had invited his friends, Honda Momo, daughter of Honda Kiku and Honda Mei- Lin and Roger D. Jones, son of Alfred F. Jones and Natalia A. Jones. The three were a tightly knit trio, together ever since they were children.

Their parents were the personifications of the countries and they were the capitals, after all.

The three fit together like a puzzle of some sort. Momo was a sweet and modest girl that was very forgiving to anyone and everyone. David was polite, calm and mature, although shy. Roger, although childish and easy- going, was energetic and full of vigor. No one had ever pulled them apart.

Apparently, that day was also the day of a World Conference at Arthur's rather big mansion. Arthur had told David that Momo and Roger could come over as long as they didn't interupt the meeting. David agreed, but, knowing the son of the United States of America, that statement would go in one ear, out the other.

And, the statement did. Ish.

"Roger, my father told me that we can't interupt their meeting! I can't allow this!" David hissed at his friend.

Roger snickered as he, David, and Momo were silently walking through the hall to the conference room, until David stopped them to scold Roger. David was frowning with his arms crossed while Momo had a worried look on her face.

"Roger- kun, I think you should listen to David- kun's father. We might get in trouble." she whispered.

"Come on, guys!" Roger said, turning to his friends, "Our parents never let us go to a meeting before! Aren't you curious?"

Yes, the kids were never able to go to a World Meeting. They were always left with babysitters. They didn't know that their parents did that to keep the kids away from the numerous crazy things that would happen at a meeting. Roger never thought about it before that day. He suspected something when Alfred and Natalia came back one meeting as little kids (that meeting, Arthur had drank before coming to the meeting. He went on a magic overload and turned everyone into little kids. Arthur turned them back overnight.) Roger wanted to know what happened behind the wooden doors of the conference room.

David frowned while Momo looked thoughtful.

"Well, I was confused when Otoo-sama and Okaa-sama came home as kids..." Tokyo said.

"I wondered what happen when Father and Mother came back covered in maple syrup one meeting. (Drunk Matthew. 5 boxes of Maple syurp. 'Nuff said.)" London said.

"Right! That's exactly what I was thinking!" Washington D.C exclaimed.

David quickly placed his hand over his friend's mouth.

"Shhh! Look, if you want to go, then the first thing is to be quiet!" he hissed.

Roger nodded and David removed his hand from Roger's mouth. Momo giggled and both boys blushed a deep red. Momo didn't notice the blushes and told the others to go. Roger and David quickly nodded and all three of them silently ran through the halls.


Ten minutes later, they were inches away from the conference room. Roger giggled excitedly while Momo smiled and David crossed his arms.

"So, what are we going to do?" David asked.

On cue, shouting was heard from the other side of the door.

Roger, David, and Momo stared at the door before looking at each other.

"Um, that sounds familiar. doesn't it?" Momo asked.

The boys nodded and all three listened closer.

They realized that it was Arthur Kirkland.

"Father?!" David almost exclaimed before Momo slapped a hand over his mouth.

Momo muttered her apoligies to David but told him to keep it down. David's face turned red but, as usual, no one noticed. Momo removed the hand from his mouth and all three of them listened in closely.


All three of them stumbled back, shocked. They had never heard Arthur shout like that. Not even David! At home and around the capitals, he was always calm, composed, and serious. So were the other nations. Even when he was angry, he always held in the anger and released it when he was in his spell room. He released anger by shooting spell after spell at an empty wall. Said wall is covered in scortch marks and some sort of dust.

On another cue...


David's eyebrows furrowed and both Roger and Momo casted a worried glance at their friend. But, they all knew who it was.

It was Alfred F. Jones. They knew Roger's dad was loud, since Roger used to get scolded when he took Alfred's baseball bats, but dude. They never heard him shout this loud.

"You wanker! You don't even cook! You buy it at those damned fast food restaurants!" they heard Arthur retort.

David nodded in agreement while Roger pouted.

"Well, my dear Angleterre, Amerique, I know for a fact that my cooking is better than yours~~" they heard Francis Bonnefoy purr.


And, before they knew it, they heard the sounds of grunts, shouting, and... Was that crying? The three glanced at each other before Roger opened the door slightly. David and Momo, too induced in the shock, decided to look through the open crack with Roger.

"What the heck?"


Arthur was currently choking Francis while Alfred had a hamburger appear out of nowhere and stuffed his face with it. Feliciano was currently running in circles, yelling that he made white flags for everyone. Kiku and Mei- Lin were sitting off to the side with Elizaveta and they traded large envelopes to each other. They looked like they were filled with pictures and tapes. Lili was with her brother, watching her husband and occasionally talking with Vash. Natalia, even though she was already married with Alfred, went ahead and stalked her brother. Instead of saying "Marry me", she said "Where is that wreched woman? I'll kill her for touching my brother! Where is she? Where is she?" That still freaked Ivan out.

More of the same events played out and soon, chairs were flying across the room and a few tables were flipped. Ludwig was popping some veins and soon his face was red. Soon, all the nations went over the edge and pushed Ludwig to his limit. He slammed his hands on the table, catching everone's attention, incuding the spying capitals.


Everyone froze. Although the nations were used to this, the capitals thought other- wise.

Roger, David, and Momo were currently sitting, slumped next to the conference door, their faces showing complete shock. They usually saw Ludwig Beilschmidt as a nice but silent man. They had heard that he was strict but knew when to let it down.

"I never knew that Laura's dad was that strict. And the way he sounded when he shouted at our parents..." Roger uncharacteristally said, his posture slumped.

David and Momo both agreed with him and they all shared a few minutes of silence.

Apparently they didn't keep track of time and it ended up to be twenty minutes.


Loud laughter burst fom the conference room, surprising the capitals. All three of them peeked again and Momo almost fainted.

Remember minutes ago, Ludwig was yelling at the nations? Now, all the nations were rounded up and dancing on the tables, flipped or not, while holding glasses of beer, wine, champagne, and sake.

David griminced and Roger was rolling on the floor, trying to contain his laughter but failed epiclly. He was laughing but the nations muffled it. Momo was just trying to comprehend what the heck happened.

"David- san, Roger- san, what was that?" she asked, wanting to know if she was dreaming or not.

"Our fathers are drunk and our mothers probably went though another door out." David answered.

Roger wiped a tear from his eye and stood up. He opened the door wide enough so they could sneak in.

"Roger, what are you doing?!" David hissed.

"Dude, relax. Since they're too drunk to notice us, I wanna sneak in there to get a front row seat!" Roger replied, slipping through the space.

"Wait!" Momo exclaimed and she and David followed him.

Apparently, they passed by the drunk nations and Kiku, Arthur, and Alfred noticed them. They froze in their spot and saw their dads there, although drunk, glaring at them.

"What did you say about them not noticing us?" David hissed.

Roger laughed nervously and he looked at the nations. They shook under their gaze but then...

Arthur and the others broke into a smile.

"Hi guys!" Alfred said, " Wow, you actually snuck in here! Hahahaha! Well, have fun~~~!"

And they turned back to Matthew and Ivan doing the Can- Can. Washington D.C, London, and Tokyo sweatdropped and they walked away.

"Thank God mother locked down father's closet of drinks." David muttered.

The trio walked around the room and passed by numerous nations, either drunk or unconscious. Their mothers were actually there, drunk. Momo frowned while Roger just decided to keep quiet and seach the room.

They continued to walk around until they noticed that Francis and Arthur were fighting again. But, they were drunk.

"How do they transition so quickly?" Momo asked.

David and Roger shrugged and decided to watch. They all decided to sit behind Francis. Francis had gone and insulted Arthur's magic and now Arthur was yelling slurred British curses.

The trio didn't tune into the conversation and in turn just sat there watching their parents. David had pulled out one of his many book and was now reading it. Momo and Roger were talking to each other about how these meetings really went.

What they didn't notice was when Arthur pulled out his magic book and was now chanting a spell to cast on Francis. All the nations cheered him on, including the girls. Arthur grinned, raised his hand high over his head, and shouted the last few syllables of the spell. David quickly recognized the spell (he couldn't read because of all the noise).

"Roger! Momo! Go back!" David shouted.

Roger raised an eyebrow.

"Why?" he asked.

David staggered backwards and pulled Roger and Momo back forcefully.

"That spell is one that Father has tried to perfect for eons! It's not perfect! It could possibly hit us!" he answered.

Roger and Momo noticed how much power was being gathered into Arthur's hand and all of them sprinted to the door. The door was on the other side of the room from where they were. They ran as fast as they could since the room was enormous.

But, it was too late.

Arthur pulled his hand back and was supposed to shoot it towards Francis, but his aim was a bit off, heading towards the trio. David's eyes widened. He realized that he saw the beam earlier than the other two and threw himself in front of the two.

The beam hit its mark.

It was just a regular light beam, no pain, but it was incredibly bright. Roger and Momo noticed that David was hit and was slowly disappearing. They tried to look through the light, but it was too bright. They ran forward, trying to grab David's hands. They felt David's hands and grasped it as tight as they could.

But, they started to disappear as well.

Since Momo and Roger started to disappear as well, they were able to see David. David had a horrified expression on his face.

"David- kun, what's happening?!" Momo shouted, close to hysterics.

"I don't know! But, I have a feeling that-"

But before he could finish his sentence, Roger flung his arms around both his friends.

"I don't know what's going on here! But, I don't wanna lose you guys! I DON'T WANNA DIE!" Roger yelled.

That made the mind of the nations flip a switch.

From drunk to normal.

Arthur snapped out of it and noticed that David, Momo and Roger were disappearing. He realized what he had done and bounded towards them. Lili and Mei- Lin were in hysterics already while Natalia, along with Alfred and Kiku ran to the kids. The light was indeed bright, but only Arthur could see through it, since he dealt with this type of magic.

The run was short but the pace of the disappearing act was too fast. Before Arthur could get his grasp on his son's hand, they disappeared completely.


'I disappeared by a spell casted by father. Where am I? Am I dead?'

David Kirkland woke up by someone constantly poking him in the side. He groaned and opened his eyes.

He was met with, not the sight of Roger, but..

...Of a younger looking Alfred?

David gasped and quickly sat up, accidently colliding his head with Alfred's. Alfred groaned in pain and backed up. David looked around and saw Momo and Roger starting to wake up. He quickly crawled to his friends and woke them up. Well, Momo woke up almost instantly while David had to punch Roger's face to wake him up. Roger woke up seething.

"Dude, what the-"

David covered his mouth.

"Quiet, Roger." he said, "I don't think we are in the right place..."

Roger pulled David's hand away from his mouth and looked up. He noticed that Alfred did indeed look a little younger and Natalia didn't have her hair up in a ponytail. David noticed that Lili had shorter hair and Arthur didn't have his reading glasses. Momo noticed that Kiku was staring blankly at her since he always hugs her and Mei- Lin wasn't wearing her kimono (since she married Kiku, she always wore a kimono). Something was wrong.

"Where does these youngsters coming from, I wonder?" 'Arthur' was first to speak.

They didn't notice their own kids?! Something was definitely wrong.

"Um... What date is it today, sir?" Momo asked.

'Alfred' grinned.

"Huh? It's March 16!" he answered.

"N-No." Momo said, "I mean the year."

"Oh, year? 2012."

The trio's eyes widened. David frowned.

Hi, this is a story I asked the original creator of Nation Child, ~bluestorm369 to write! Since I don't have much information to work with, I had to make a lot of assumptions! I'm sorry if it's not how you guys want it to be, but i try my best!

This will be multi- chapter and will probably not have a real storyline. I could put a storyline here, but you guys, give me suggestions!

The story is by me! Some of these things will probably not be related to the original game- novel, but this is made for the fun for me and others!

Nations' kids that appeared (I'm only putting their fathers)

:iconyayamericaplz: :iconyayenglandplz: :iconyayjapanplz:

Edit: Typos have been edited and things have changed a little! Now in this story, the trio and basically the other kids will be nine years old! REMEMBER THAT.

Chapter 1: The Chase [link]

Nation Child by :iconbluestorm369:

Hetalia (c) Hidekazu Himaruya
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