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Chapter 7: Family Reunions? No, More Like Family Disasters.

The  first thing that registered in Roger's mind the first thing he woke up was that David and Anne were not on their beds. He had first thought that they had woken up early, but when he laid his hand on the bed, it didn't have the familiar warmness of a person sleeping there. No, it was cold. No one was there in a few hours tops.

The second thing he did was scream.


Multiple things happened at once. Everyone had woken up in different manners. Nikita woke up with her hands not wrapped around Roger's waist like it was last night. She proceeded to do it again but landed on thin air since Roger was running around in circles. Momo woke up screaming in shock and fell off the bed. Yang- Liu woke up whimpering and also falling off the bed because Momo had her hold on her little brother.

In simpler terms, it was a mess.

"Whoa kids! What the hell's going on here?!" asked (more like yelled) Alfred when he came barging into the room.

Behind him was Kiku and Arthur. Behind Arthur, unbeknownst to the other four capitals, was David and Anne. They were happier than ever since they got stuck in the past. Anne held her father's arm affectionately and Arthur smiled down at her. David grinned. Alfred and Kiku still didn’t know the truth, much to the Kirklands' delight. If Arthur's reaction was hilarious, imagine the other nations.

Alfred and Kiku entered the room, leaving Arthur with David and Anne hiding behind him outside.

Kiku helped Momo and Yang- Liu up from beside the bed while Alfred was calming down Roger, Nikita clinging onto his leg the entire time. David could only watch in amusement while Anne was wondering why Roger was being so panicked.

Roger was babbling the situation to Alfred in a mix of English and Belarusian, confusing the American nation. When he saw David and Anne step out from behind Arthur (David thought he had to get the situation under control before Roger started to speak in another language), Roger tackled the Londoner to the ground.

"Oh  broski, I thought you were kidnapped! If you were, then I wouldn't have anyone to tease about their or their father's cooking!" the elder American- Belarusian sighed.

Both David and Arthur popped a vein, Arthur's more noticeable.

"Thank you for your consideration, git. Now, Father arranged an emergency meeting in the dining hall. Hurry up, get dressed, all of that and go downstairs. Don't be late on us," David said as he walked back to his sister and father.

Before Roger or anyone else could say anything, the Kirklands left, on their happy British (and German) ways.







"Wait..." Alfred said, breaking the awkward silence in the room,"Did that little dude say, 'Father'?"






The dining room was bustling with life, as usual. All the food had been served and so have the deserts, so all the nations were currently with full stomachs. The capitals sat in their small table, small yet able to fit all six of them without being cramped. Let's zoom into their conversation, shall we?

"So, did you realize what you said before you left our room?" Roger asked, an accusing tone in his voice.

Roger leaned closer to David's face as each second passed by. Nikita leaned forward as well just to create tension. David decided it'd be fun to play around for now.

"Whatever do you mean?" he asked, slight delight evident with his answer.

Roger narrowed his eyes. Momo and Yang- Liu didn't want to get involved so they started a conversation on how things were going back at home. But, they were eavesdropping just to get a kick out of it. Anne just watched curiously.

"You know what I mean, smart- alec. You said 'father'!" Roger shouted with so much of a dramatic tone, Anne giggled over.

Fortunately, the nations were (again) being too loud for their own good, so his shout was muted slightly.

"Yes,  'father' is one of the words in the English language. Is it wrong to use it? Or are you opposing 'freedom of speech'?" David teased.

Good Lord, he hasn't felt this relieved since his coming there. He had to let some of his happiness out. Why couldn't it be to push Roger's buttons like he had done so many times already?

Roger's left eye twitched. A dark aura quickly enveloped the boy as his little sister was getting unbelievably irked.

"Now look here, Kirkland..." Roger started, his tone very malicious.

Before Roger could continue, they heard the sound of a spoon being tapped against a glass cup. The capitals turned their attention to Arthur, who was making the sound. Arthur must have banged against a plate or something to get the nations' attention but they weren't so sure. Arthur smiled in satisfaction when everyone had their attention on him.

"Good. Now, I arranged this meeting regarding our visitors and our new arrivals."

He  gestured to the small table and the six of them walked towards Arthur. Roger and Nikita had calmed down and the six of them stood in silence in front of the nations. The female nations cooed at the three younger siblings. Anne cowered behind Arthur, Yang- Liu behind Momo, and Nikita clutching Roger's sleeve in a possessive way. The male nations observed them to see if they really were scared or faking it.

"Now go ahead and introduce yourselves, lads." Arthur said.

David looked up and Arthur.

"Full names, Father?" he asked with a sense of mischief.

Arthur chuckled.

"No, not yet."

David pouted but respected his father’s decision. He strode forward and bowed, back straight, posture perfect.

“My name is David. I’m sorry I never introduced myself properly,” he said.

Lili  stood up to walk over to David. Vash was going to get up too, but Lili gestured him to sit down. David gulped when his mother had knelt down to his eye level. The other nations and capitals, specifically Arthur and Anne watched with intense eyes.

“So that was your name? I wasn’t able to ask you when you ran away,” she said.

David blushed a dark scarlet and mumbled.

"I'm sorry, miss..."

Lili  smiled and gently hugged the boy. David became an even darker red (if that were humanly possible) and started stuttering. She let him go and placed her hands on his shoulders.

"I- I- I-"

"Hush, little one. I know that you had something to hide and I respected that. I didn’t ask any of you questions because you all looked so lost. You had, after all, suddenly appeared in front of us,”  She said.

David had a guilty look on his face, but all the guilty thoughts in his head suddenly stopped when Lili looked at Anne. Anne gasped and hid further behind Arthur, which made said man chuckle.

“Now, who is this little one?” Lili asked.

David looked towards his sister and beckoned her to him with his eyes. Anne shook her head, but with a little more coaxing from David and Arthur both, she ran to her big brother. She ran to grab his arm and hid behind David’s back. Lili saw a clear view of the little six year old girl regardless and her smile widened a bit.

“Hello, there. What’s your name?” she asked.

Anne moved closer to Lili and looked up at her with her jade colored irises. Lili swore that shade of green looked so familiar…

“A- A- Anne, miss…” Anne answered in a shy, meek voice that the others nations could barely hear.

Anne had to hold back the urge to run, cry, and hug Lili all at the same time. She was her mother, for heaven sakes! But, Arthur and David had made it clear that she shouldn’t run up to Lili the same way she did to Arthur. She wanted to so badly right now.

Lili enveloped the kids in a hug and Anne gingerly returned it. David was reluctant at first, but returned it as well. The three of them heard an  ‘aww~’ from behind them. After Lili let go, she looked at them from head to toe.

“You two remind me of someone, you know,” Lili said, which froze both the kids, “I just can’t get my finger on it…”

With that, Lili stood up and left, missing what Anne muttered under her breath.


Arthur gestured next to Roger and Nikita. David dragged Roger to the front while Anne convinced Nikita to go with him.

When they were in front of the curious eyes of the nations, Roger grinned and pulled off a peace sign.

“The name’s Roger! Nice to meet you guys!” he exclaimed, his ahoge bouncing up and down as he shouted.

Multiple groans flew through the crowd of nations.

“There’s another one…” one muttered.

“Like the world needs another hamburger bastard.” Another one said (guess who!).

Alfred just sparkled at the complete likeness of his complete “heroicness”.

Roger pulled off his own hero laugh, which frustrated the nations even further.

David,  Anne, Momo, and Yang- Liu looked at each other. The nations met Roger, what if they met Redd? The capitals looked at David, who grinned and walked towards the American capital. Roger silenced his hero laugh to glare at the Brit who was walked towards him. The countries, including Alfred and Natalia, watched with interest.

“What  do you want, Kirkland? I’m still not over what you said earlier.” The  nine year old that looked younger than he mentally was said.

David smirked. Thankfully, no one caught on that Roger called David ‘Kirkland’. It would be too soon.

“What, that talk about ‘freedom of speech’, Roger?” he asked, voiced dripped in sarcasm.

Arthur was so proud of his son right now, he was beaming.

That familiar purple aura started to surround Roger, which is what David was aiming for.

“David, I swear, if you say something about the Amendments again, I will—“

(The following have been cut off because it was too gruesome to continue.)

The nations were terrified.

Terrified beyond their wits.

How could such a kind and warm- hearted soul become so evil within a matter of seconds?

Well, ask Ivan. Or Roger’s parents.

Who were also, very scared.

While Roger was raging, Nikita looked at the nations with a malicious, possessive look in her eyes. The nations’ attention was turned on the little six year old girl. They expected her to be kind and sweet, not suspiciously acting like Natalia.

“If any of you get my brother angry,” she said in a surprisingly low voice, “I won’t forgive any of you.”

She  then turned on her heel to David. Roger had calmed down in that time the little girl had spoken and now the elder American was hugging the younger one.

“You saw that, you guys? Nicky’s so cute!” Roger swooned as he hugged Nikita closely.

Nikita giggled loudly at Roger’s display of attention and responded with a “I love you too, brother!”

All the nations were too shocked or creeped out to say anything. Well, except Natalia.

“Hey,” she said as she walked towards the kids, “What’s the girl’s name?”

Nikita instantly recognized her mother and nearly jumped for her. If it wasn’t for Roger’s hand holding her back, she would have. Nikita frowned, but instead of jumping to Natalia, she bowed.

“My name is Nikita, miss! This is my big brother!” Nikita replied, hugging Roger’s arm.

Roger swooned on his little sister again. Natalia actually smiled and cooed at the little girl.

The nations were getting a surprise after another.

After Natalia sat back down and Roger and Nikita returned to the sidelines, Momo and Yang- Liu stepped forward. Momo bowed, as did Yang- Liu.

“Konichiwa, nations. My name is Momo. It’s nice to meet you.” She said, in half- monotone voice.

The nations nodded and started to mutter amongst each other.

“Yay, finally a sane one!” one said.

“At least she has a calm composure.” Another said.

Yang-  Liu looked at the nations with a look that screamed analysis. The nations tilted their heads at the younger before looking up at his older sister. He wanted people to know that there was a dark side to his sister. They shouldn’t underestimate girls that look sweet and innocent.

“Ane- ue, remember that time when David- san and Roger- san went on vacation with their Haha-ue and Chichi- ue? When Hwan Yoong took your favorite Koto and didn’t give it back until David- san and Roger- san came back?”  he asked.

Momo laughed while the nations looked at her curiously.

“Of course I remember! It was a year ago and I had to take Hwan Yoong to the hospital after I was done with him.” She said.

Nations gasped.


Momo looked up at them, not sensing the atmosphere.

“Yes! Hwan Yoong had taken it for two weeks since David- san and Roger- san were in England and Belarus! Once I got it back from him, I just had to do something! He has gotten far, but never far enough to steal one of my favorite things. It was payback, I guess.” She said, shrugging, “It was no big deal.”

Yang- Liu nodded to get her point straight. During the initial time they met Momo, she acted like she was weak and frail. She was weak and frail to begin with but now she looked calm, collected, and strong. Not the crying girl they had met.

The nations were bewildered. Beyond belief.

That’s it.

These capitals were scarier than American hamburgers.

And those things were terrifying.

What about Momo’s little brother…?

“Excuse me,” Kiku said, going up to Yang- Liu, “We were never able to catch your name.”

Yang- Liu blushed. His nervousness was coming back. He had pushed it down when he was talking to his sister (it was fairly easy since he was taking to his sister), but now it had come back.

“Oh s- sorry. My name is Yang- Liu, Ane- ue’s ototo.” He said, trying to prevent the stutter.

Kiku nodded with interest.

“You can speak in Japanese. Did you get it from your parents?” he asked.

Momo  and the other capitals tensed but Yang- Liu replied calmly. It was so unlike him to reply calmly and without any stutter. Well, that went the same with Anne.

“Yes. My father was from Japan and lived there for several years.” He replied.

Kiku  nodded, muttered “Interesting…”, before going back to his seat. Yang-  Liu and Momo went back to the sidelines. Liu sunk to his knees and started muttering in rapid Chinese.

The gist of what he was saying was “That was terrifying.”

Arthur sweat dropped at that interesting turn of events and cleared his throat. All the nations looked at him.

“Now, these young lads have something to say. From where they came from.” He said.

David stepped forward, anxious and ready.

“First  of all, we are the capitals of the nations. Don’t assume we’re regular humans. We have the same life span as you as long as you’re alive.” he  said first.

The nations nodded in understanding, a few mutters travelling through the crowd.

“Also,” the boy continued.

‘This is it.” he thought.

“We are from the future. 20 years, to be exact.”



David  huffed, his arms crossing like Arthur’s. Roger’s and Momo’s mouths were hanging open while Nikita and Yang- Liu’s eyes widened. Anne just nodded.

The first one to respond was Alfred. He stood up, his index finger to David, face red with confusion.

“W- W- Wait, w- what?! You can’t really be--”

“Don’t try denying it, Uncle Alfred.” David said, putting emphasis on ‘Uncle’,  “We’re all from the future. You shouldn’t be deny it since you saw me blast you away.”

Alfred muttered something under his breath before his face became redder and he sat down.

“Okay, from the beginning.” David said.

He looked up and saw several people pull out notebooks from nowhere. He sighed.

“So,  we came from the future after we snuck in one of your world  Conferences. We were never allowed to go to your meetings.” he explained.

“Afterall, Ludwig- oji told us everyone was immature.” Momo continued, strolling next to David.

She smiled at him and he gave her a questioning look.

“I understand now, David- san. You told Arthur- san and now we’re telling everyone else right?” she asked.

David’s mind hit overdrive. Momo actually reading a situation was rare, and he was truly grateful that now was one of those times. It looked like Roger and the others had realized too, since they began to go up as well.

Arthur smiled warmly and let the kids continue.

“Apparently, in the meeting room, we found that you dudes were drunk so we just snuck in there and some actually welcomed us!” Roger laughed, remembering that his dad that told them to ‘have fun’.

“Ve~, everyone?” Feliciano asked.

Momo nodded.


All the nations sweatdropped.

“Self introspection is advised.” Arthur offered wisely.

Half of the nations didn’t know what that meant so David continued with the story.

“Anyway, all of you were drunk. We came here after Father had accidently casted a spell since he was fighting with Uncle Francis.” he said.

Arthur looked downcasted by this, his head hanging.

“Father, I keep telling you! It’s not your fault!” David exclaimed, turning to his father.

Arthur shook his head.

“Right. I’m sorry, poppet. Continue.”

Meanwhile,  the capitals and nations were watching this interesting turn of events. Why was Arthur being so affectionate to David? Why did David call him ‘Father’? Why did he call Francis ‘Uncle’?” Why are they asking so many questions?

The capitals were a different story. David was kind of the sarcastic type, which he got from Arthur. He was dropping so many hints, someone could already tell who they were.

Maybe that’s how dense the nations truly are.

“Because of the spell, we were sent here. We were causing problems because we wanted to hide our identity. It could have messed up the past.” Momo explained.

The nations nodded in understanding, absorbing everything.

“So,” Kiku said, standing up, “All of you are from the future?”

The capitals nodded.

“Then, why did David call Arthur- san ‘Father’?”

David grinned. This was the fun part.

“Let me tell you my full name, then.” he said.

He looked at Anne and the two stood in front.

“My full name is David Kirkland, and I am the 2nd generation of England. I’m currently London.” he said.

The nation’s eyes popped out of their eye sockets. Kiku stuttered and few nations fainted when they realized who the capitals were. Arthur nodded with satisfaction.

“T- Then all of you are our future children?” he asked.

The capitals nodded and a few other nations fainted. Anne cleared her throat and the nations looked at her with wide and curious eyes.

“M- My name is Anne Kirkland. I- I’m David’s little sister and 2nd generation Liechtenstein. I’m Vaduz now.” she said.


Vash stood up.

“WHAT?!?!?!” he shouted.

“Ah- ah- ah, Uncle Vash,” David said, wagging his finger, “We aren’t finished yet.”

Vash sat down. He was clearly angry, his red face as proof.

“We are the children of England, Arthur Kirkland and Liechtenstein, Lili Vogel.” David finished.

Again, silence filled the room. Vash stood up.

He speed- walked to Arthur and grabbed his collar. Anger was clearly written on his face. Arthur’s face stayed in a frown.

“You bastard! How could you--”

Vash made a move to punch Arthur in the face, but Lili grabbed his arm before anything could happen.

“Bruder, stop.” she said.

She looked up at her brother, who let Arthur go.

“If that is what happens in the future, then you should be happy for me! Arthur is a very kind man and he must be responsible if my k- kids like him.” she said.

David and Anne proved their point by hugging both of Arthur’s arms. Arthur chuckled and looked at Lili. Both of their gazes met and Lili stepped closer to Arthur and they gazed into each other’s eyes for what seemed as forever. Reluctantly, Lili tore her gaze away from Arthur and looked down at her future children. Anne, still as shy as ever, hid next to her brother. David just smiled at his mother.

“Do you two... like me as your mother?” she asked.

Anne answered her question by running up and hugging her.

“Of course I do, Mutti!” she exclaimed, burying her head into the crook of Lili’s neck.

David smiled and gently hugged Lili.

“We both love you, Mother.” he said.

Lili smiled and Arthur joined their hug, making all the Kirklands a family once again.

The nations and capitals watched this heart- warming scene. Roger, Nikita, Momo, and Yang- Liu found it nice to watch this. The nations simply ‘aww’ed and Elizaveta even snapped some pictures.

The Kirklands let go and David and Anne stayed with their parents. Arthur  and Lili stood together, Arthur kissing Lili on the forehead. Elizaveta must have endless memory on her camera because she took more pictures of the two. David and Anne stepped aside so she could take the pictures.

David and Anne beckoned Roger and Nikita to the front and the nations watched silently. Roger cleared his throat.

“Yeah... My’s full name is Roger Dmitri Jones and I’m Washington D.C! Oh and 2nd generation of the US of A.” he said.

It took a few minutes for the nations to comprehend that the ‘US of A’ was the ‘United States of America.’ Matthew fainted.

Alfred stood up, his eyes wide but glowing with joy. Roger looked up at his father nervously. Alfred kneeled down to Roger’s eye level, scanning the boy from head to toe. Roger was growing increasingly nervous by the second. To his surprise, Alfred broke into a grin and ruffled the boy’s hair.

“So you’re my son? Wow, that’s hard to believe.” Alfred muttered.

Roger looked down. He suddenly felt arms wrap around him.

“You’re just what I wanted, squirt.” Alfred said.

Roger teared up and hugged his father tightly. Alfred smiled warmly and returned the hug, hugging the boy closer to his form.

‘Wow, kids.’ he thought, ‘I wonder what parenthood is like.’

Nikita tapped Alfred’s shoulder and Alfred let go to look at her. Nikita, he noted, had the same blue eyes as he did.

“Are you my kid too?” he asked.

She nodded and turned back to the front.

“My  name is Nikita L. Jones and I’m Minsk, Belarus! I’m the 2nd gen- gen--  I’m the heir to my mother’s nation!” Nikita exclaimed.

It was so silent, you could hear a pin drop.

Ivan let out a long sigh of relief while Katsuyusha’s mouth dropped open. Natalia was blushing a bright scarlet.

Alfred’s eyes widened.

‘I- I, married to Natalia? Th- the--’

Apparently he couldn’t finish his thought as Natalia walked up to the three. Nikita smiled up at her mother. She, like Alfred, knelt down to the kids’ eye level. Alfred was also blushing a bright scarlet and currently trying to avoid eye contact with Natalia but was failing.

“You know, I used the excuse of wanting to marry my brother to cover up who I truly love.” Natalia muttered.

All the nations gasped.

Alfred’s mouth hung open.

“You mean--”

His  sentence was interrupted when Natalia launched herself into his arms. Arthur smiled warmly at Alfred and laid his head on Lili’s. Alfred yelped as he caught the flying Belarusian. Nikita giggled and Roger laughed. Natalia got off of Alfred to look at the kids.

“My own kids...” she muttered, before giving them a hug.

Nikita giggled again before returning the hug. Roger hugged his mother tightly and Alfred joined in the hug.

There, another family back together again.

The only two left were Momo and Yang- Liu, who were nervous. Roger and David flashed a smile to the girl, making her blush. The two Asians stood in front while the Jones family moved next to the Kirklands. They  observed the two Hondas, something the nations didn’t know yet. Momo took a deep breath and bowed.

“My full name is Honda Momo and I am currently the capital Tokyo. I’m the heir to my father’s name, as Nikita- san put it.” she said.

Nikita smiled brightly and Alfred ruffled her hair.

The ones who already knew they would have kids weren’t surprised that Kiku had kids. The others were not.

“Kiku knocked someone up!” Gilbert shouted at the top of his lungs.

Multiple other nations fainted. The ones who had woken up from their previous fainting spree fainted again. Kiku was blushing so badly, his skin was about the same color as Gilbert’s eyes. He was able to get back some of his composure to stand up. But before he could walk up to his (dare he say it?) daughter, Yang- Liu stepped up.

“My- My name is H- Honda Yang- Liu and I’m currently Taipei. 2nd gen- gen- generation Taiwan.” he said.

And Kiku fell back on his chair. Yao was added to the list of people who fainted. Mei- Lin’s eyes widened and she looked at Kiku. Kiku looked up  at her and immediately looked down. He and Mei- Lin stood up and walked to their kids simultaneously. The nations watched the two of them kneel in front of their kids. Momo looked up at her father, watching his expression as she scanned the girl over. Momo had the brown eyes of himself and her personality was the same to his.

“Chichi- ue...” Momo muttered.

With a jump, Momo hugged her father, tears spilling out of her eyes. Kiku was taken aback, but he quickly hugged her.

“Don’t worry, I’m here.” he said soothingly.

Momo let Kiku go and wiped her eyes, smiling up at him. Kiku smiled a rare smile and looked up at Mei- Lin. Mei- Lin smiled warmly.

“You’re really good with kids, Kiku.” she said, stroking Yang- Liu’s hair, “I’m so happy that I chose you. And I still do.”

Kiku blushed again.

“Mei- Lin- san, you mean...?”

Mei- Lin leaned over and kissed Kiku on the cheek, earning Kiku’s face shade to turn ten times redder.

“I- I- I-”

She smiled and hugged Yang- Liu and Momo.

“Wǒ ài nǐ, Haha- ue.” Yang- Liu said, snuggling into the hug.

Kiku leaned over and hugged his kids as well. Elizaveta was getting so giddy taking pictures that she had an extra camera. multiple flashes went off from the camera.

All the families were finally together.

But, it wasn’t over yet.

Quicksilver leaned against the hall outside the dining hall. His eyes were closed as he held a page of a book in his hand. His arms were crossed.

“I’m sorry, Master Arthur. They broke the magic rules of no time travelling. They might as well perish.” he said.

He  looked at the page in his hand. The page had information regarding the practice of time travel. It was in a black magic book, hidden deep within the underground library.

Quicksilver watched as the page burst into small flames.

“They might as well serve their punishment.”

And he walked away.
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ItalyPastaSauce Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
YAY! I'm happy you're happy! :hug:

QUICKSILVER IS EVIL. :P On purpose by yours truly.

No problem!! But...

You saw what I said, didn't you...
Roello-G Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist

Yes I did.... Why did you say that?
ItalyPastaSauce Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry, but I'm horribly stressed out. I can't keep up with updates. :(
Roello-G Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist

It's okay. I understand... being stressed is very awful. I got used to it after a few years being under pressure though...
ItalyPastaSauce Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
*hugs back*

Thank you... for understanding...
NinjaKitty1162 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was litterly laughing my @$% off! Great job as always! Oh and I can't wait for part 8! And I knew quicksilver was up to something!!!!
ItalyPastaSauce Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This story was going to be funny initially! And Quicksilver is truly up to something... BUT I'M NOT SPILLING SPOILERS.
NinjaKitty1162 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's understandable. I hate when people ruin stuff any ways. Though now I'm just waiting for my friend to get to my house!!!! He has the RPG maker!!! Plus I have the sprites! ^u^ We are planning our own Hetalia game!!!!
ItalyPastaSauce Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Your own Hetalia game?! That's amazing! When your finished, Do you mind sending me a link? What is it about, if the info's not classified? ;)
NinjaKitty1162 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hm....well we have 2 ideas of what we should do as the plot line. But I need to finish getting all the sprites. But if you'd like I could send you a note about the 2 plots cause they are kinda top secret.
ItalyPastaSauce Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Okai, whatever you can tell me through a note is fine~~. :)
NinjaKitty1162 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Got it!
SereneDash Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
1) I squeed so much >w<
ItalyPastaSauce Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
1) Squeeing was what I was expecting!!

2) QUICKSILVER, THAT EVIL THING!! Purposely made him that way, though. :)
SereneDash Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
1) yay~! hah

2) Yeah...
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