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Chapter 3: The Library Part 1

"The library's in here! Although you might have already known that."

Flying Mint Bunny pushed open the big wooden doors of the library.

David has been there many times in his life, but this felt as if it was the first time he went inside. It felt so... different. The atmosphere wasn't familiar, it felt old but surreal. His magical dragon, Lanchester wasn't there as he read the books in the enormous library. There were no short books which he read in his free time. No, it was different. It was the past! But, it still felt the same as well.

The library was one of the biggest rooms in the mansion.The ceiling towered about fifty feet over their heads, the room shaped like a giant octogon from bird's eye view. Six of the walls were covered his gigantic bookcases that had volume after volume of the most famous Brtish books. Other bookcases were filled with encyclopedias and history books. There was one select bookcase filled with maps. Two walls were covered with giant windows. A giant chandiler hung from the marble ceiling.

"Dude, I forgot how rich your dad is." Roger said to David, "But, he's not as rich as mine!"

David facepalmed while Momo giggled. Flying Mint Bunny flew in front of them, waving his arms(?) around. David looked up at him.

"Flying Mint Bunny, do you know where the spell book is?"

"Although I don't know the exact location, I know it's somewhere in those two bookcases." he said, pointing to two bookcases, one next to the door and one next to the windows.

The two bookcases were obviously very high and the ladder he had only reached the middle.

"What the heck? How'll we get up that high?!" Roger shouted.

David, Momo, and FMB all dashed/ flew to Roger to keep his mouth shut, so they accidently dog- piled him.

"Gomen, Roger-san," Momo said as she stood up, "But we have to stay quiet so Arthur- san, Alfred- san, and Otoo- san doesn't find us."

She gave him a hand and smiled. Roger's face grew red and he gladly took the hand. Momo pulled him up and Roger came up blushing. David turned around, huffing.

"So anyway, we have to find the spell book before my Father realizes how long we've been gone. We don't want him to interrupt our searching." David said.

And so, the search began.

Flying Mint Bunny and David took the bookcase next to the door in case Arthur or any other nation decides to come in. David searched the bottom half of the bookcase while FMB checked the top half, seeing that he would fly and David couldn't.

David ran his hand down the spine of a cook book. It was the same cook book he saw Arthur use for his scones once. And those scones actually tasted good.

Ah, good memories...

December 31, 2031: Jones Residence in New York

The nations had all been invited to a New Years party by Alfred, held in his enormous mansion, which happened to be bigger than Arthur's. The Jones family had prepared the party for almost the entire day. Alfred had ordered everything they need, including a few private buses to take the nations to New York City for the Countdown. Roger, along with his little sister Nikita L. Jones had sent all the invitations via private jet to all their homes. Natalia had given a serious talk to Alfred about letting their kids go alone in a private jet all over the world. Natalia had made sure all the speakers, TVs, and bands that were in the party were ready.

At 6:00pm, all the nations had come in, not wearing anything formal, nothing really casual either. Alfred had told them that casual was boring and to come in with what they always wore. And that meant no military uniforms. The nations came in with what they usually wore anyway. Some of their clothes happened to be casual anyway.

Roger immediately ran up to David and Momo, a big grin on his face.

"Dude, this party's gonna be awesome! My dad ordered a whole bunch of buses that's gonna take us to NYC when it midnight and we're gonna see all the bands and the fireworks and the ball that's gonna fall when it reaches midnight and I heard that Time Square is jam packed with people today and people all over the country's gonna come over here to watch the fireworks and-"

As Roger continued to babble without taking a breath, David stared at his friend while Momo giggled and tried understanding what her friend was saying.

"Um, Roger- kun, you can keep going but at least breathe." Momo said.

Roger was running out of air anyway so he stopped in the middle of his overly long run- on sentence and took a deep breath. He exhaled slowly before talking at rapid- fire speed again.

David facepalmed.

"--and we'll be one of the people in the front since obviously we're important since we're the nations and capitals but there's one thing I don't like about this party." Roger said.

David raised an eyebrow.

"The food tasting." Roger deadpanned.

David and Momo instantly nodded.

You see, the food tasting was a tradition for the nations. Every year, one nation (which usually was Alfred) would plan a party and all the nations would bring food from their homes to the party. ALL the nations. Each nation and capital would then try out every type of food given to them. That included a certain Englishman's.

"Dude, do you know what your dad cooked this time?" Roger asked.

"Only scones. Nothing special like last year." David replied.

"That stuff last year made me sick! Dude, your dad doesn't know how to cook!" Roger said.

"Well yours is no better. You buy it from those food chains all around here."

"Hey! Don't go and slam McDonalds! After all, my dad made apple pie and hot dogs and my mom made draniki!"

"Well, my Mother made hafalaab for this occasion." David replied.

Roger choked out a laugh and Momo smiled.

"Otoo- san and Oka- san brought udon, soba, and meat geng today." Momo said.

"Well, I can't wait to taste it then, Momo." David said.

"Me too!" Roger exclaimed.

The trio smiled as it was announced that the food was all ready. And all their expressions turned

By tradition again, the elder child would always have to try their father's food first,not their mother's. The younger kids would try their mother's. If there wasn't another sibling then the only child would try out both.

"Anne is lucky that she's not the oldest." David muttered as he sat where the scones were.

There certainly were a lot. Two big baskets of them were in front of him. They didn't look burnt that much, but knowing Arthur, there was something else wrong about the scones.

There was an announcement where the kids could get a first bite of the food. All the nations and kids looked at David, their eyes worried. For the past years, David had always made a mad dash to the bathroom and they were expecting that to happen. Arthur looked at his son with hopeful eyes. David was determined to make his father happy no matter what! Even if he had to hold down his bile until he got home. Yikes.

David picked up one of the scones, closed his eyes and sighed. As fast as he could, he took a bite of it.

The nations and capitals, including Roger and Momo held their breaths.

David's eyes snapped open.


David grabbed a spoon and scooped up some grape jelly provided. The capitals and nations watched intently. He applied some jelly on the scone and took a bite of it.

Awkward silence. Then...

David's turned to the others, his face and eyes gleaming with joy.

"It's delicious!"

David chuckled. The reaction out of them was hilarious indeed. He looked at the familiar spine of the book again.

Although, David was never allowed to open it before and uncover Arthur's secret to delicious scones that still looked as if they were burnt. David's hand started to take out the cook book. The book was out a quarter of the way before he stopped, and he put it back.

'No, ' he thought, 'I'll save uncovering secrets later. I must find that spell book.'
David left the cook book and moved to the shelf above it. He felt drawn to that book and he didn't know why...

Anyway, to Momo and Roger!

Roger stared up the bookcase with wide eyes.

"How the heck with we reach up there?!" he shouted.

Momo tapped Roger's shoulder and put her finger against her lips, telling him to be quiet. Roger noticed that his face was getting red but back to important matters!

Roger continued to look upon the massively big bookcase.

"Hey, there!"

He turned his head and saw a little fairy, floating there, smiling. The fairy had short white hair tied to a side ponytail and different colored eyes, the left eye a sky blue and the right eye an emerald green. She had a light blue dress that reached up to her thighs and light blue flats. Her wings were a clear blue.

Roger stood there shocked before almost screaming bloody murder. Good thing Momo was there to cover his mouth. The fairy merely smiled.

"Hello, it looks like you need some help!" the fairy said.

Roger pulled Momo's hand from his mouth and scratched his head.

"Great," he said, "Now I'm mentally unstable."

Momo casted a glance at Roger before looking up at the fairy.

"Yes, we do. We're looking for a book and--"

Momo was cut off with a wave of the fairy's hand.

"No, no, you don't need to tell me the details. Mint Bunny there told all of us!" she said.

Momo raised her eyebrow.

Then, from out of nowhere, more of the fairy friends appeared from plain sight. Two looked like Tinker Bell and Captain Hook. Roger thought he was hallucinating and almost shouted out in surprise again before Momo covered his mouth. She removed it a few seconds later.

"There's gotta be something wrong with me." Roger mumbled.

The fairy crossed her arms, looking at Roger.

"Hey, you're not hallucinating! Believe what you see, Roger!" the fairy said.

Momo smiled. The fairy and Roger bickered, the fairy occasionally smacking Roger on the head.

"You're a rebellious one, aren't you?"  Momo said.

The fairy pouted.

"Oh yes, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Mira, one of Mint Bunny's long time friends." she said.

"Nice to meet you, Mira!" Momo said.

Mira smiled and placed her hands on her hips.

"Well then, let's get started!" she said.

Momo and the other fairies cheered while Roger mumbled something about still thinking that he was hallucinating.

The fairies and the two kids started searching the shelves at a much faster pace than David and Mint Bunny. Obviously, since there were more people and magical creatures. Apparently, Roger's competitive side kicked in.

"Hahahaha! You guys can't beat us! You're way too slow!" he teased, sticking his tongue out.

David's eyebrows furrowed.

"Roger, this is no game! We have to find the book as fast as we can!" he said, putting back a book that had recipes on American cuisine.

"Aww, then there'd be no fun! We challenge you!" Roger yelled.

"Roger- san, please be quiet. We can't be heard by the nations!" Momo said.

Roger scoffed.

"Well, they are too loud for their own sakes." he mumbled, "I wanna get some fun outta this!"

Momo was about to say something, but Mira interrupted.

"Yeah! I need some entertainment in this crazy boring place!" Mira exclaimed.

David looked at Mira. Mira was one fairy he had never seen before. He never seen her in the library, the kitchen, and basically every part of the house. He didn't think that Mira was from England at all. Her accent sounded American...

His thoughts were interrupted when a book was thrown at his face.

David miraculously didn't fall but his face started to turn red. Roger and Mira laughed while Momo casted a worried glance at David.

"David- san...?"

David looked up at Roger, his eyes murderous.

"You want a challenge, Roger? Then let's do it." he said.

Roger, not reading the atmosphere, grinned.

"Then let's go!" he shouted.

On that note, the two started searching at break neck speed, shocking Momo.

"I never seen David like that before..." she mumbled.

She and the fairies decided to let the two of them search. It would be quicker. They had to hold down Mira, though. Which was quite easy, since she was tiny.

Momo watched the two of them search. Roger was smiling and laughing while David was glaring and spitting imaginary fire. It looks like David cracked enough to the point of his hidden tsundere side. He was the son of Arthur, after all. She watched with a smile on her face, but grew worried when the books looked like they were slipping out.

Uh- oh.

The two were so engrossed in their 'battling' that they didn't notice that the books, all of them, even the ones at the top, were falling out. Momo lunged forward, her hand outstretched.

"Daivd- san! Roger- san! Watch out!" she shouted.

The two of them snapped out of their daze and looked up. They eyes widen in horror as the books came down.

"ROGER- SAN! DAVID- SAN!" Momo shouted.

Trapped inside the mass of falling books, David and Roger reached for anything to grab. Roger grabbed the shelf. He did his best to stay in place but was losing grip on the shelf.

David, inconveniently, grabbed the secret cook book.

"Crud!" he shouted.

He accidently pulled the book out. But then...

...The mass of falling books stopped. Momo had covered her eyes, waiting for the worst, but noticed that she didn't hear the rustling of books anymore. She looked up and her eyes widened.

The books didn't disappear. They stopped falling. As in, they were floating in midair. So was Roger and David.

Both of them expected the worst, like Momo, but found that they were floating. Roger's eyes widened to plates and he started shouting, panicking, and flailing his arms around. Mira quickly flew up to Roger and told him to calm down.

"Calm down, you runt!" she shouted.

David raised an eyebrow.

'Yep, definitely one of Uncle Alfred's fairies. Sad that he has fairies and he can't see them.' he thought.

David floated around like he was used to it and looked down. He saw that there was a green magic circle glowing under them. He huffed.

"Auto- activation magic, huh." he mumbled.

Roger, with the help of Mira and David floated down to the ground. Well, David came down flat on his feet while Roger landed on his face. Momo crawled over to them.

"Daivd- san, What is this?" she asked.

David looked at her.

"Auto- activation magic. It's magic that activates after someone presses a certain button or pulls something out. I knew this cook book had something to do with it." he said, looking at the book in his hands.

A weird smile creeped up on his face.

"Yes, now I get to know my father's secret to making those delicious scones!" he yelled almost diabolically.

Momo, for once, facepalmed.

Before David could open the book, the books, including the one he was holding floated back to each of their places, nice and tidy. David held back the book, but the magic pull was too strong and pulled the book away. Momo sweatdropped.

After all the books were back where they belonged, a hole opened up under the three of them. The three of them floated there for milliseconds before gravity took over and pulled them down. The three of them screamed as they went down until the hole closed and their screams were heard no more. Mira was panicking.

"We gotta go and get those kids! Let's go!" she shouted.

The fairies, including Flying Mint Bunny, cheered and and disappeared in puffs of smoke.

To the Classic Trio!

The three of them groaned. They landed on a hard floor, and since it was hard, they got hurt pretty bad. But, since they were capitals, they healed the same way as the nations. They didn't comprehend the injuries they had since they healed so quickly. Broken bones and bruises disappeared in an instant.

Momo stood up, stumbling. She couldn't see since the lights of the room were off.

"David- san! Roger- san!" she shouted.

"Momo!" they shouted back.

Momo followed their voices and ended up barely seeing the faces of the American- Belarusian and the British- Liechtensteiner.

"Where are we?" she asked, looking around.

"I don't know. I've never been here." David answered.

"Well, that's convenient!" Roger shouted sarcastically.

David glared at Roger. He noticed that they were near a wall and ran his hands on the wall. He felt something akin to a switch and flipped it. A bright light suddenly filled his vision, making his close his eyes, since the rooms lights had been turned on. He slowly opened his eyes and he was met with a beautiful sight.

Well, beautiful to him, at least.

They were in another library, but this one was much bigger. The walls were painted gold as were the bookshelves. There were no windows this time, all the walls covered with countless numbers of books. Well, except for one. That one harbored the door in case they couldn't find a way out. David sighed in relief. Hanging from the ceiling was a giant, of course gold chandelier. There were tables that were wooden with books piled on them.

And all these books, were magic books collected all around the world.

David's eyes were gleaming. He spread his arms out and shouted:


Back up to the main library...

No spirits were found. The library was empty, until the door creaked open.

There were three kids, younger than the main three, slipping into the room.

One of them was a girl, with blond hair and clear blue eyes like Alfred. She was wearing a little pink dress with white stars on them. She had white flats on.

Next to her was another girl. She also had blond hair, except her eyes were jade green, similar to Arthur's. She had a dress that looked similar to a maid's outfit, but it where it was black was sky blue. She wore sky blue flats.

Next to her was a boy, taller than both of them. He had black hair and brown eyes with a weird hair curl sticking out like Mei- Lin's. He was wearing a blue and purple kimono.

The blue eyed girl walked up to the shelf with the cook book.

"E-eh, N- Nikita, a-are you sh- sure that w- we're allowed to d- do this?" the green eyed girl asked the other, cowering behind the boy.

"Yes. We must get брат and his friends back home. Mommy and Daddy are searching everywhere for them. And brother might be worried sick about me." the girl, Nikita answered, not looking at the two.

"Yes!" the boy exclaimed, scaring the girl behind him, "We have to get Ane- ue back home! If not then... then..."

Tears started welling up in the boy's eyes and he started flailing his arms around.

"Waahhh! Nikita, what do we do?!" he shouted, completely losing his cool.

"We must follow брат. Then we can bring them home." Nikita said, "Anne, Yangliu, let's go."

"B- b- but, Nikita!" Anne exclaimed the best she could, "Our p-parents don't kn- know that we left! W- w- what if th- they started r- r- ripping the world apart to look f- f- for us?!"

Nikita looked at Anne, making Anne hide behind the boy, Yangliu, further.

"Then we come back as soon as we can." she answered.

"B- But we don't even know how to go back!" Yangliu exclaimed.

"Then we just have to believe in brother and his friends. They can do it." Nikita said.

The two looked up at the girl and Nikita smiled.

"Let's go." she said.

Anne and Yangliu nodded and followed Nikita. Nikita climbed up the ladder, went up to the book and pulled it out. On cue, the magic circle activated and Anne and Yangliu hugged each other out of fear. The cook book floated back to it's place and the magic circle disappeared. In it's place was a hole and them falling down.

"AAAAHHH!!!!!!" Anne and Yangliu screamed.

Nikita kept her cool, but she was screaming on the inside.

"No,' she thought, 'I'm doing this to get brother!'

Oh, well, thanks for the wait! It took me a while, sorry about that. But, it's finally finished! Well, this chapter. I still have more. :iconheaddeskplz:

Time for the notes for this story!

:bulletpink: Fun Times! :bulletpink:

If you want to know the reaction of the nations and capitals when Arthur's scones turned out good, use your imagination. ;)

:bulletblue: Food Time! :bulletblue:

Draniki (Belarusian/ Russian): The national food of Belarus. They are called potato cakes here in the US.

Hafalaab/ Hafalab (Liechetensteiner/ Liechtensteinerin): A soup with ham or bacon and cornmeal dumplings.

Udon (Japanese): A type of Japanese noodle. They are thick wheat noodles.

Soba (Japanese): Another type of Japanese noodle. They're gray in color and made of buckwheat flour.

Meat Geng (Taiwanese): A thick soup with tofu and surimi covered pork.

And now...

:bulletgreen: Character Info Time! :bulletgreen:

New Character!

:bulletblack: Mira

By her rather rowdy attitude, she's a fairy from America. She traveled to England to meet Arthur, who could see magical creatures. She might get into fights with Roger from time to time, but they get along. Mira is based of of Mirajane Strauss (her younger, meaner side) from Fairy Tail. Those who know that will get a cookie.

And the kids at the end! Do you know who they are? Probably, but I'm still asking you this question!

The ones that appeared:

:iconyayamericaplz: :iconyayenglandplz: :iconyayjapanplz: :iconyaybelarusplz: :iconyayliechtensteinplz: :iconyaytaiwanplz:

Chapter 2: The Fear of Interrogation/ How Will We Get Back?

Chapter 4: The Library: The Underground Library Part 1

Nation Child by :iconbluestorm369:
Story by me
Hetalia (c) Hidekazu Himaruya

Now I'm going into my depression corner. I missed the deadline by 3 days. I'm such a failure... Someone's gonna have my head...
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