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Chapter 1: The Chase

March 16, 2012

Momo and Roger looked around, noticing that the room they were in now was the exact same conference room in Arthur's mansion. Looks like they dropped in in the middle of a meeting. Oops.

The two of them sat up, eyeing David curiously. The only person that seemed to know what was going on was David, and he looked worried and angry at the same time. He leaned closer to his friends.

"Roger, Momo, we have to run. As fast as we can from here..." David whispered.

"W-why?" Roger asked, whispering as well.

David turned behind him, looking at the nations. Most of them seemed confused and curious as to why and how random kids appeared out of nowhere into their room. Some, like Bella/ Belgium and Katyusha were cooing at them. It seemed that they liked kids a lot, even if they appeared from thin air. David turned back to his friends.

"There's no doubt we've been sent to the past." David said, taking note how comically wide Momo's and Roger's eyes got, "Right now, we're just ordianry kids to them. If we do anything unecessary, even the tiniest thing could change the future in the worst possible way you could imagine... That includes wiping our very existance."

David sweatdropped when he finished in explaination. Momo and Roger's eyes got even wider (if that were human possible) and gulped in horror. They nodded in agreement to escape the conference room and glanced at the door. They were closer to the door than before so it was a short running distance. Lili walked up to the trio, much to the concern of Vash and Arthur. Vash and Arthur had a quick glaring match before looking Lili. She crouched down enough to David's level.

"Please don't be scared, little one." she said politely, "Why are you here? Where are your parents?"

David gulped nervously. This was his mother from the past! He didn't know what to say! He was shy, so he said some incoherit sounds. Roger thought otherwise.

"NOW! RUN!" he shouted, pulling David up to his feet.

He and Momo ran, dragging David along with them. David regained his footing and soon he was running with them. Just when they were about to reach the door, Alfred suddenly blocked them.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's the hurry with you kids? Relax! Let's talk for a minute!" he said, grinning.

David, Momo, and Roger couldn't get pass him. Alfred could easily block them because of his large stature. They couldn't get pass unless...

"Please forgive me, Uncle Alfred!" David exclaimed, pulling out a spell book he always carried around.

Within seconds, he flipped to a certain page and chanted a short spell. A bright light appeared in David's palm and he shot it towards Alfred's stomach.

"What the-"

Alfred wasn't able to finish his sentence since he was hit and sent flying 10 feet. David muttered his apoligies and Momo bowed apologetically.

"Gomenasai (I'm sorry!)" she exclaimed.

Roger grabbed both their arms and made their exit.

"Bloody hell! That boy just used magic! Who is he?!" Arthur exclaimed in shock.

"Whoever he is,they're no ordianry kids! Catch them!" Alfred shouted, pointing to the door.

On that note, almost half the nations, mostly the guys, ran out the door. Some stayed, like the girls. Arthur and Kiku were about to follow the group, but they saw Alfred still standing there, thinking about something. Arthur walked towards Alfred.

"Alfred, let's go! Don't you want to catch those kids?!" he said.

Alfred stayed silent.

"Hey, Arthur, Kiku, did you hear what that kid that looks like you said? He said 'Uncle Alfred'." he said, looking up at Arthur and Kiku.

Kiku and Arthur nodded.

"Hai. I heard." Kiku said.

"There must be a reason why he said that, right?" Alfred said.

Arthur raised an eyebrow.

"Where are you going with this? And why are you being smart now?" he asked.

Apparently, Alfred didn't hear Arthur's second question. Alfred shook his head.

"No, probably not. Nevermind." he said, strolling to the door.

Kiku shrugged.

"Well then, shall we go, Ar-"

He turned to Arthur and saw that he was thinking this time.

"If that's what he's talking about then..." he muttered.

Arthur strolled off, leaving Kiku confused. Kiku then realized he was being left alone and ran to Arthur.

Lili watched as the door closed behind Kiku. She thought about the kids, especially the one that casted the spell.

"Why does he look so... familiar?" she muttered.

Ludwig, with all that commotion, just sighed deeply and slumped in his chair. He looked at Feliciano, who was smiling at him for some reason.

"Today's meeting is canceled as well, isn't it?"



"DUDE! DID YOU HAVE TO SAY 'UNCLE' TO MY DA- TO ALFRED?!" Roger shouted, for some reason smiling.

All three of them were racing down the halls, the nations hot on their heels. David, Roger, and Momo all ran into a random room to catch their breath. David grimaced.

"I didn't mean to! I needed to act quickly!" he hissed.

Roger's smile dropped as he sat in the unknown room. It was an unfamiliar room, even in David's case. This part of the floor was forbidden to the kids becuase that's where the conferences were held. The room itself was large, but the main light wasn't on. The light that was on was a small light where they were, in a small corridor that led to the large room. The light was dim so it was a little hard for them to see. The room was painted light brown and they were leaning on a closet door. Roger let out an exhausted breath and slumped on the wall.

"Well, we can rest for now," David said, sitting closer to Momo, "Then we'll have to go."

Roger noticed that the distance between David and Momo decreased, so he decided to follow. He sat on Momo's other side and both boys noticed that Momo fell asleep.

"I guess she fell asleep because we ran so much." Roger muttered.

David nodded. Both forgot everything that happened and decided to rest their eyes a bit. But, instead of resting their eyes, they went to sleep.


The nations ran down the halls, listening to the footsteps of the kids. Alfred, Arthur, and Kiku somehow made it to the front of the group. They turned one corner and stopped. The nations behind them didn't comprehend the turn and ran into the three. Elizaveta (she wanted to see the kids again to take pictures) was carrying her pan and accidentally collided it on Alfred's head. It was a miracle that he didn't fall unconscious. They continued to run, much to Alfred's chagrin until they heard no more steps.

The group decided to split between two halls and Arthur, Alfred, Kiku, and Elizaveta went together. They opened door after door and found nothing and no one. They went all around the house before deciding to go to the forbidden section where the kids weren't supposed to go. But, this was the past, there was no forbidden section. They opened the doors and found nothing. Right now, they were at the last door at the end of that corridor.

The room where the trio was.

"Geez, Artie, how many rooms do you have here?!" Alfred asked, turning to the shorter man.

Arthur pouted while Elizaveta and Kiku secretly took out their cameras.

"Well, you know how big my house is! And don't call me Artie, git!" Arthur hissed.

"They might not be in here." Alfred said as he opened the door.

And, lo and behold...

...They were no where to be found.

Alfred shrugged and closed the door. They four of them walked away, but Arthur looked back at the room.

Unbeknownst to them, the trio was hiding inside the closet they were sleeping against. David and Momo were still sleeping while Roger was breathing heavily and sweating.

"Why the heck do they have to sleep so deeply when they're exhausted so much? They owe me big time." Roger muttered, his purple aura forming behind him.

He couldn't move David or Momo both. He could throw them over his shoulders but that would be impolite to Momo. Could he just wake them up? No, not after running so much. Well, he could wake up David and get him back from punching Roger. Yeah, he'll do that. Roger cracked his knuckles, the purple aura growing a bit bigger. He was going to have fun.

But before he could exact his revenge, the closet door creaked open. The purple aura disappeared and Roger looked behind him, his eyes wide.

There standing there, was Arthur Kirkland. He smiled.

"Found you."
Well, well, well, this story is sure getting famous. Ish. The second chapter, as you can see came out sooner than planned. I told you people I have a lot of free time! This is in your benefit though!

It's nice to know people are reading this! I love you guys!

Well then, I leave you with my first cliffhanger. Evil, ain't it? The third chapter will be soon too! It's a good thing that school didn't start for me yet! I have all the time I need! I know that this chapter was a little shorter...

Oh yes, I put a little yandere!Roger in there. I mean, he is Belarus's kid, right?

Kids that appeared:

:iconyayamericaplz: :iconyayenglandplz: :iconyayjapanplz:

Prologue: [link]

Chapter 2: The Fear of Interrogation/ How Will We Get Back? [link]

Nation Child by :iconbluestorm369:
Storyline by me
Hetalia (c) Hidekazu Himaruya
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